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Immanuel Leidy’s Church has joined the Tim Tebow Foundation in celebrating people with special needs.

Friday, 02/09/2024 @ 6PM – 9PM 

273 W. Cherry Lane
Souderton, PA 18964


+1 215-723-8707

What is Night to Shine?

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Night to Shine is an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older.
This coming year, on Friday, February 9, 2024, Night to Shine will celebrate its tenth anniversary as hundreds of churches and volunteers come together to honor  thousands of guests with special needs. Our church is so excited to join other churches around the globe in hosting this unforgettable night!

About Immanuel Leidy's Church

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Immanuel Leidy’s Church is a community of Christians committed to God, his Word, and his people. We want to know Him more fully day-by-day; and we want others to know Him. Thus, we are committed to sharing the message of God in all our spheres of influence, whether that be locally, or in our wider culture, or in international settings. Though we are a non-denominational congregation, we seek accountability and strength by being interdependently related to other biblically-grounded congregations in our area.

Why Night to Shine?

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Night to Shine celebrates the uniqueness of each individual guest by providing an unforgettable night where they are welcomed, valued and loved!

“When I was at one of the proms last year, a beautifully dressed queen of the prom was hugging me when the girl’s mom leaned over and whispered with tears in her eyes, ‘My daughter will never get married and she will never have children, but tonight you made her feel like a princess!’”

– Tim Tebow

Sharing God's Love

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Night to Shine shares the joy that is found in God’s love for each and every person.

“From the moments the guests of honor reached the front door to the smiles on their faces as they were greeted and walked down the red carpet, it was obvious that the joy of the Lord was in each of their hearts.”

– Peggy Hyland, Volunteer for Christ’s Church at Mason in Ohio

Love & Support

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Following Night to Shine, we have been encouraged to see countless churches develop continued programs for people with special needs.

Through Night to Shine, we hope people with special needs realize that their church can be a place where they are loved and feel welcomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Donating to Night to Shine at Leidy’s Church

Your financial partnership will help us offer an incredible experience to each guest who attends the Night to Shine prom. We offer this event 100% free to our guests and rely on generous donors and sponsors to help in our funding. Thanks so much for your consideration!

While we welcome all donations, we invite you to look at a tangible list of giving options to better inform how you would like to give…


·   GOLD DONATIONS ($1,000-2,999)

·   SILVER DONATIONS ($501-999)


·   SPONSOR A TABLE ($250)

·   SPONSOR A GUEST ($100)


·   DONATE A MEAL ($30)


All donations are appreciated!! Guests will receive a pamphlet listing all businesses and individuals who have given to Leidy’s Church NTS 2024.

Please see to donate. Make sure to specify Night to Shine in the comment section. You can also call the church at 215-723-8707 to donate. Thank you for partnering with us for this amazing event.

What activities are provided at Night to Shine?

Every guest of Night to Shine enters this complimentary event on a red carpet complete with a warm welcome from a friendly crowd and paparazzi. Once inside, guests receive the royal treatment, including hair and makeup stations, shoe shining stations, limousine rides, corsages and boutonnieres, a karaoke room, a catered dinner, prom favors for each honored guest, a Respite Room for parents and caretakers, and, of course, dancing! The highlight of the night comes when every one of the Night to Shine guests is crowned a king or queen of the prom!

When is the next Night to Shine event?

Friday, February 9, 2024

Where is the event being hosted?

Night to Shine 2024 will be hosted around the globe by hundreds of churches. To find a host church near you, please visit You may register as a guest or volunteer for Night to Shine by contacting your local church.

Who can attend Night to Shine?

Night to Shine is open to anyone with special needs ages 14 and older.

What should I wear?

We encourage you to dress up in your favorite formalwear (dress, gown, suit or tux) or whatever makes you feel beautiful or handsome!

What positions can I volunteer for?

It takes a lot of people to make this event happen! Please see below for roles in which to volunteer:



Accompany and assist assigned guest throughout the evening, providing companionship and any assistance he/she may need during the event. Sit with your guest during dinner and engage him/her in conversation. We recommend volunteer buddies be at least 16 years old. MALES WILL BE PAIRED WITH MALES, FEMALES PAIRED WITH FEMALES- unless there is an arrangement made prior to the event, confirmed with both the guest and buddy. [No special training is needed to be a buddy. Any guests with complex care needs will be accompanied by their own caregiver. Buddies are not responsible for assisting in the bathroom, or in the feeding process, or administering medicine]


SET-UP TEAM  (casual wear is acceptable)

Arrive at the designated time and execute event set-up, including table/chairs and décor [morning/afternoon of 2/10].



Assist guests as they exit vehicles, and help them to registration entrance. Be available as guests return to their vehicles following the event.


PARKING TEAM (casual wear is acceptable. Wear warm jackets, hats and gloves)

Maintain a parking pattern and direct traffic for easy vehicle entry and exit. Maintain open fire and emergency lanes.



Greet guests as they enter the main doors. Direct them to registration, coat check, buddy pairing and THEN the red carpet.



Help guests as they arrive for, depart and return from their limo ride by opening doors and escorting them to and from the limo.



Greet guests, take their coats, label them and hang them. As guests leave, ask for their coat tag and retrieve their coats.



Distribute crowns/tiaras to each buddy for his/her guest prior to the crowning ceremony.



Assist guests as they make their way down the red carpet, manage the flow of traffic and cheer them on to make them feel welcomed.



Love on the parents/caretakers by spending time getting to know them and being available to pray with them.



Provide back/shoulder/hand massages, as well as manicures/paraffin hand dips, to parents/caregivers in the respite area.



Check in guests with hair/make up appointments. Escort them first to guest registration and then to the hair and makeup room.



Welcome each guest to a salon station for hair and makeup or to a seat for a shoe shine. Chat with them while you pamper them and make them feel special. PROFESSIONAL hair and makeup experience required!!!!



FOOD SERVICE TEAM (black pants, navy button down shirt. Aprons provided)

Serve food to guests in main event space and Respite Room (for parents, caretakers or family members). Also, walk around to serve hors ‘doeuvres.  Be knowledgeable about the items and assist guests in finding what they would like (especially if they have dietary restrictions or allergies) and refill food warmers, drinks, and snacks.


KITCHEN CLEAN UP CREW (casual wear is acceptable)

Wash dishes and help the kitchen supervisor with keeping the kitchen tidy.



Encourage guests to participate in the photo booth by choosing fun props. Help to maintain a fun atmosphere.



Monitor the dance floor and the perimeter to make sure there are no “wallflowers.” Invite them to dance and engage with them. Distribute fun accessories- if available.



Help guests choose a song and keep the line running smoothly.



Support on-site uniformed Law Enforcement personnel by ensuring a safe and secure environment for guests and volunteers. Coordinate with local police, fire, and rescue as needed. Walk around and monitor the main event space and outdoor areas, making sure exits are not blocked and all areas remain wheelchair accessible. Members of this team will also be posted at every entry/exit door.


MEDICAL TEAM (professional attire)

Assist uniformed professional EMT personnel at the event by providing basic first aid and care for any medical needs or emergencies. Assist with bathroom needs- if requested. Please wear professional attire so that guests/volunteers can easily identify you- if needed. LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS only!


FAIRY GODMOTHER TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Assist guests with choosing dresses/suits/accessories at the designated fittings on Friday night 1/12 and Saturday 1/13 at Leidy’s Church gymnasium.


DRESS/SUIT PACK UP TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Sort and pack all remaining garments into vacuum sealed bags Saturday, January 14th from 3-6 PM.



Set up and distribute favors to guests as they leave through the front entrance.



Be a calm, welcoming presence for those guests who need a quiet place to sit, read, chat, etc


TEAR DOWN TEAM (casual wear is acceptable)

Take down decorations, tables, chairs, etc. and clean up the event space. Heavy lifting tear down will occur immediately following the event, including but not limited to rolling up and transporting the red carpet and stanchions downstairs, table tear down, etc.  “Dedecorating” and packing away/organizing decorations for the next event to occur the following day (Saturday).

For any other questions, please contact:

Thank you to our Local Night to Shine Supporters

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